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Archives: 05/01/1999

“01/28/99: I quit smoking.  02/07/99: I turned 35.  03/18/99: Ann, my mother in law moved to the west coast.  04/29/99: I discovered I was pregnant…

“I still don’t believe it– maybe I won’t until I hear a heartbeat.  I’ve suspected for well over a year and a half that I wouldn’t be able to conceive, and now I suspect that I won’t be able to go full-term.  In other words, there are lots of women who deserve babies and I’m not one of them.  I’m only three weeks along– I have no reason to believe this will end in anything other than a miscarriage (Edit: GOD you’re so pessimistic). My only symptoms so far are extreme fatigue and the massive bosom I’m sporting.  No one (Edit: but for the prince consort) knows yet, and I’m half afraid I’ll forget what this new private thing is like, before everybody knows, and I half hope I will, because it’s 90% anxiety and 10% joy…”