Politically Dumbfounded

I– uh, give me a second.  Let me start by saying… ahhh…  Hm.  Well.  OK, how about… no.  Can you believe–?  I never imagined… it’s sort of…

I have been silenced by this election cycle.  I mean really.  I just can’t.

It’s so bad I can’t offer anything encompassing, so I’ll just begin with one thing.

The next time you hear “politically correct,” or “political correctness,” or “PC” coming out of the mouth of a republican, repeat the sentence to yourself but where “PC” was, substitute “kindness,” or “respectful,” or “compassionate.”  And when you hear “straight talk,”  sub in “demean.”

Donald Trump:  “I’m so tired of this respectful crap.”  Because he’d rather demean women, by reducing their relevance to their boobs and periods.  “I’m so tired of this compassionate crap.”  Because he’d rather demean Muslims, by inferring that all are potential terrorists. “I’m so tired of this kindness crap.”  Because he’d rather demean Mexicans, by accusing them of wanting to be in this country only to rape and steal.

Is this man a “straight shooter,” or just the bigoted grandpa that gropes his granddaughters and uses racial slurs after a couple drinks at Christmas?  The grandpa who is so desperate to be “free” to leave his fly open, scratch his balls, slam the table, yell at neighbors, call women “honey,” slap an ass, undertip, fart as he’s leaving and get into a fistfight in the parking lot?

People are flocking to see and support this man.  I think I’m either caught in a 7th grade nightmare from which I can’t wake where the adults can’t be relied on, or, in a really really bad Bill Murray movie that went straight to video in which Bill Murray ultimately and truly does not have any redeeming qualities whatsoever.