Her Petticoats Are, Like, Size Zero

Kim Davis is the Rowan County KY clerk who has defied a court order by refusing to issue marriage licences to anyone seeking one in order to avoid having to honor the SCOTUS decision upholding the right for same sex couples to obtain a license and marry. My personal theory is that she is a woman beyond her prime, on her fourth marriage (and is it safe to assume the current marriage’s honeymoon is over?), who could use some attention, some excitement.  I don’t know this about her but I picture the “conviction of the holy spirit” coinciding with feeling invisible, unnoticed, unappreciated, much like she might have felt toward the end of marriages number one, two, and three. My problem with it is that this vital issue, giving same-sex couples the same drab DMV-like experience of obtaining a marriage license (and all that represents), is being thwarted by a bored housewife.   Her supporters are “praying she won’t lose her job for her faith,” even as they’re hoping for it,  salivating over the prospect of claiming her as their own brave martyr.

What gets lost in the drama of the poor ($80K/year) white christian clerk is the fact that this is the tail of the last millenium wagging the dog of the next.  It’s 2015, people.  They didn’t know then what we know now.  I Corinthians 13:11: When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child.  Now that I am grown, I have put away childish things.

Thomas Jefferson agreed.