Cars and Guns

NOTE: This post has been edited to include yet another horror.

Until they hit 25 or 26 years old, male drivers pay the highest rate for car insurance.  Because they are more aggressive and impetuous, more likely to crash, more likely to cause harm, more likely to drink before driving.  Less able to modulate anger, less able to let go of perceived offense.  This age group of this gender is just riskier, a danger– the risk  is recognized and assessed a fee.  We make it significantly more challenging for boys this age to drive a machine that can kill people.

Dylan Harris and Eric Klebold, Columbine, Littleton CO: both 18 years old

James Holmes, Aurora CO: 24 years old

Adam Lanza, Newtown CT: 20 years old

Dyllan Roof, Charleston SC: 21 years old

Mohammad Abdulazeez, Chattanooga TN: 24 years old

Chris Harper-Mercer, Roseburg OR: 26 years old