The prince handles the archaeological find, unearthed while digging through piles of books, looking for the copy of To Kill a Mockingbird.

“This– thing— it’s called a–?” {his finger makes circles in the air}…

“It’s called a rotary phone–”

“-so if we plugged this into the wall you could call someone–” {disbelieving.  This thing weighs 8 lbs.  An anvil is as likely a communication device.}

“Yes.  I spent hours on it as a teenager, talking to my boyfriend.  Right out in public, in the middle of the house.  My mom and dad could hear every word I said.”

“–oh my gosh–” {shakes head in pity}

“Have you ever heard of a party line?” {I explain this antiquity}

“Oxymoron.  Not a party…”

“You are correct.”

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