Masculine Convexity

The ad reads as follows: “Lack of sleep.  Is it aging your skin too fast?  New research says– it is.  New.  Advanced Night Repair.”  This is an Estee Lauder serum, with 40 ingredients, two of which (“dye” and “water”) are not sciencey terms, and 25 patents pending; the cost?  $120 for 2.5 ounces, or more expensive than mercury, more expensive than Dalmore 50 year old Single Malt.  I see Advanced Night Repair as a masculine solution– one that is more expensive, more complicated, than it needs to be.  The feminine solution?  Just get more sleep.

These are feminine approaches: conserve.  preserve.  protect.  reduce, reuse, recycle.  avoid.

These are masculine approaches:  REPAIR.  TACKLE.  MANAGE.  CHARGE.  BUILD.

We need both approaches, vive le difference and all that.  But the feminine approach is often discarded, poo-pooed, ridiculed as too soft, too small.

Why encourage people to drive less when we can build more roads and drill 10,000 feet to extract natural gas through hydraulic fracking?

Why encourage people to eat less red meat and exercise more when statins and bisoprolols can control cholesterol and blood pressure?

There are so many products hyped as NEW, with 30% MORE, more MEAT, even CHEESIER, with more BANG for the BUCK, and even MORE POWERFUL.

It’s not that new things aren’t good.  It’s that often what we have is really enough.  The solution isn’t always to create something new, sometimes it’s to want less.   There is a feminine concavity to wanting less– to being vegan, for example, or for taking time for enough sleep, or for conserving energy.  And traditional masculinity survives on fewer hours of sleep, doesn’t sit easily in a Prius, doesn’t care for bulgur when a burger is an option.

The best answer sometimes does not require power tools or electricity or more, new, or better medication; the best answer often is to sit still.  Or, to take a nap.