Damn Hamn Bone Makes Hamn Good Soup

In the quest for frugality, the royal we are annoyed by the damn hamn bone.  We know the bone makes good soup, but we are tired and we don’t feel like messing with this gross thing.

We have removed all the usable meat within three days of baking the ham.   We have used the bigger chunks for sandwiches and we have cubed the remaining odder bits to freeze for omelets on future Saturday mornings. With vexation we put that bone into a larger soup pot with water to cover, and we simmered it for several hours.  Then we removed the bone to cool, and once cool we stripped it of any edible flotsam, then we strained the broth and returned it to the stove with the flotsam, then we cheated.  We drained a huge can of cannellini beans (40 oz) and dumped it into the ham stock, added a tablespoon or so of cider vinegar, some salt and lots of black pepper, and used a potato masher to smush most the beans.  The resultant thickened velvet was salty and soothing and a perfect winter comfort.

We were most pleased.