The First Annual Deviled Egg-Off

So, I won.  Vania’s eggs were perfection, exactly what is dreamed of when one dreams of deviled eggs.  But my eggs were devilish, beguiling with heat; the judges were seduced by Sriracha.

Red Rooster (Good Luck) Eggs

Hard boiled eggs, peeled, halved, yolks in a bowl, mashed til fine with:

Mayo, twelve parts

Sriracha hot sauce, three parts

Dijon Mustard, two parts

Worcestershire sauce, one part

Measurements are approximate– everything is to taste.  Go easy on the hot stuff until you get an idea of how hot it is.  Fill the eggs at the last second.  If you want to garnish, a sprig of chive and a single dot of Sriracha is supercute.

Addendum:  How much mayo?  I have never measured.  If I had to guess I’d say nearly as much mayo as egg yolk.  A yolk is about a tablespoon, so if you used twelve eggs, you’d use (GIVE OR TAKE) 12 tablespoons or 3/4 cup of mayo.  It’s all about the consistency, how creamy and (SORRY) moist you’d like the texture.  So for twelve egg yolks, start with half a cup of mayo and add more if you think it needs it.