Product Endorsement

eos is a lip balm I bought today– it’s a little roundish thing like an egg and it was scarcely more expensive than the 7 other balms/sticks/pots I bought today.  Not a typo, I bought eight (8) things of lip stuff today because my FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR must have some fly in the ointment, some thorn on the rose, some partial thumb in the chili:  oh the chapped lips and hands are the scourge of winter, for both me and the prince.  The prince, given his age, cannot be seen wearing or applying stuff because it would pierce a hole in the space/time continuum or, like, totally ruin his rep yo, harsh his street cred, yo.  So it’s my goal to have lip grease on every horizontal surface of the house so neither of us has a reason to scream in agony if we happen to laugh or smile.

eos is wonderful– it glides on super smooth, the surface is a big hemisphere, all ample and chubby and generous, and the flavor/scent (sweet mint) is pleasant.  Today my lips died and went to heaven and that right there is a lot to get for a buck ninety nine.