Consider Two Eggs

What was in your omelet this morning?  What?  No omelet?  Acceptable only if you don’t care for eggs (WHAT?  You don’t like EGGS?  Unacceptable.).

Two eggs, 150 calories, 10 grams of fat.  OK, the fat’s a little high– toss one of the yolks and add an extra egg white or two.  Whisk vigorously– I find this easiest in a taller plastic cup.  Add a tablespoonish of water or milk (or sour cream or heavy cream or even mayonnaise, seriously do not turn your nose up) and a good pinch of salt.

Pour into a ten inch non-stick skillet that you’ve slicked with butter or olive oil and heated to medium high, then immediately turn the heat down and begin lifting the edges to get the bulk of the egg cooked.  When there is no more runny egg but it still looks quite moist (sorry for those readers who DETEST that word moist), take off the heat and cover with a plate while you pick out what it will envelop.

This morning mine had: a couple TBLS guacamole, fresh salsa, two tortilla chips crumbled up, and about an ounce of cheddar cheese.  Once that was slathered onto the egg I folded it up up, put it back on the still-quite-hot burner, covered it again, and let the filling warm through on low heat while I toasted a piece of rye bread.  It all was too delicious to speak of.

What can’t go into an omelet?  Personally I can’t think of much. Peanut butter, maybe– but that could be just me.  Here’s a partial list of what can:

Leftover: macaroni and cheese, spaghetti sauced with marinara, tomato salad, tortellini, anything from Olive Garden (including the bread sticks– seriously, tear into small bits, sprinkle with more garlic and add some melty cheese like jack or even velveeta), taco meat, black beans and corn, that last bit of green beans from last night’s dinner with a sharp cheese like fontina, mashed potatoes, cold french fries (chop, warm in the microwave for ten seconds and then pepper liberally) the leftover fixings from burger night (all the veg like tomato, onion, pickle- chop uniformly and sprinkle with cheddar).

The omelet takes homely stuff and makes it je ne sais quoi, Francais?  I mentioned peanut butter as a dud, but though it’s not my thing I know plenty of people who dig sweet omelets and if you’re there, PB and nutella in an omelet really does not sound bad– or cream cheese and cherry jelly– OK, now I’m starting to rethink my aversion.  Cream cheese, caramel drizzle, and a few chocolate chips.  A couple of halved marshmallows and a leftover halloween chocolate?  If you’re into it that would make for a helluva November weekend breakfast for the twelve and under set, who will remember the crazy breakfast more than they’ll remember the costumes they wore.


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  1. Love omelets, never have been any good at making them. But you have inspired me to try again. Nutella, you say? hmmmm

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